Monday, November 14, 2011

How Sports Card/Autograph Crooks Return on eBay

I was forever banned from eBay with my ID cardcop05 a few months ago for fighting fraudulent sellers in the sports card area. You see eBay doesn't want to lose any more money from suspended/banned sellers and I was causing at least one suspension a week on eBay. Look at my feedback for that ID- it's near perfect. Yet they permanently suspended me for no legitimate reason! Everytime I got a supervisor on the phone they'd hand up on me!!! But all their regular employees told me "your account is perfect & you have one of the highest buyer/seller ratings I've ever seen" & my account had about 4,000 feedbacks too.

So I get a phone call from an eBay employee who tells me to "just open another account with a different credit card & bank account". So I did just that using the same Paypal account and I've been buying/selling on eBay again for the last 2-months! Remember- I was BANNED FROM EBAY FOREVER!!!
I cannot keep my mouth shut and hold my tongue when it comes to informing a fellow honest card collectors about something I'm aware of & eBay reads every e-mail you send though their system, so this caused me to get suspended again: ID cert-auto-inserts . But if I would have kept a low profile I could have stayed on eBay indefinitely. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT CROOKS DO TOO! If you still trust eBay and feel completely safe buying/selling there- you are a fool I'm sorry to say that, but it's the truth. EBAY IS JUST AS CROOKED AS THE MOST SINISTER SELLERS THEY NOW PROTECT!

James McCay aka Cardcop