Friday, February 8, 2013

Sports Card Hobby Fraud You NEED to READ: MORE FAKE GAME-USED CARDS!

I REALLY didn't want to have to post again, I'm way too sick to have to fight battles for people who are much more physically able. I just s[pent tnhe last MONTH in bed without leaving my one room apartment ONCE! I haven't been able to walk anywhere near normal because my disk (L5/S1) on top of my tailbone is herniated so bad that I couldn't use my low back muscles at all for the whole month.

I accidentally came upon some info that once again astonished me as to how stupid card companies can be. All the hobby big shots know who I am whether they wanted to or not. I FORCED them to know because they keep SCREWING UP & DIRECTLY HURTING COLLECTORS THROUGH GREED!
Ironically one of the WORST people like this died last month (Jan. 5th) and the news of his death only started trickling down to most collectors last week. The news of his death at age 59 was first released on my birthday (the 7th) which is also the day my friend Gary Carter (also died 11 months ago - age 57) was elected into the HOF in 2003 (weird...).

RICHARD McWILLIAM IS DEAD! <<<<click to go to story.
It sickens me how a FULL MONTH has passed and no details of his cause of death were released and EVERY story online that I found made him out to be a hobby hero! HE WAS A CROOK & HE PROBABLY DIED FROM DRUG ABUSE!!! Plain & simple. If I didn't know tons of factual stories to support this, I wouldn't have said it. I don't mean to disrespect the dead- but it's wrong to lie about this greedy scum too. He's given direct credit for all the innovations that Upper Deck came up with over the years, meanwhile there have been dozens of lawsuits against him specifically for him STEALING OTHER PEOPLE'S IDEAS. I've said it before & I'll say it again: I'VE NEVER BEEN SUED. This is because I ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH & I'm not in this hobby to make a penny profit. I'm not going to waste another second on this jerk.
 In 2002 I personally obtained several documents directly from Playoff that listed all the information about 2002 Leaf Game-Used cards and autographs. These were lists of every card made and card deatils, how much they paid for the jerseys and autograph stickers, and most importantly: who they bought ther jerseys from. I got curious a couple of days ago and Googled a name I saw on the list of who these "game-used jerseys" came from. I get "strange feelings" from time to time and when I do I act upon these feelings. Some would call it intuition and others would say it is phychic. Since I always loved all sciences, I think it's simply intuition. So I looked up one name: BRAD HORNE because I got one of my funny feelings when I saw his name. HE WAS BUSTED JUST LAST YEAR FOR SELLING NOTHING BUT FAKE GAME-USED JERSEYS IN A STING BY POLICE! And I just happen to have a list of all 2002 GU Jerseys Cards made by Playoff in their Leaf Certified product & 10% of the jerseys they used were bought from BRAD HORNE & all the info I can find pionts to one thing: THEY ARE FAKE & THE FBI PROVED IT!!!
I personally saw Playoff using FAKE "game-used" jerseys of players like Daunte Culpepper (when he was RED HOT) with all the tags from the store they bought them from on them when I just started weorking for them in 2001, but I had no proof of this so I rarely mentioned it since I had iron-clad proof about so much other fraud. So I knew they were using brand new jerseys and calling them game-used & now it seems that I have the proof & here is an example. Sorry the text is so small, but it was on paper that was larger than the scanner I had, so I had to shrink it to fit in one .jpg file.  
If you can read this, you will see jerseys for the Fabric Of The Game cards of several players were bought from Brad Horne including John Riggins & Joe Montana! These are FAKE & WORTHLESS people!!!
YOU ALL NEED TO CONTACT PANINI (just click Panini) AND TELL THEM ABOUT THIS! You should call- Media & Public Relations. Feel free to tell them to read this page, or tell them "Cardcop dug up this info" - most of them know who I am...
I am too sick to do this, so I am handing off the responsibility to you.
How many other jerseys from other products used jerseys bought from BRAD HORNE by Playoff, then Donruss/Playoff & now Panini? When Panini bought Donruss/Playoff they kept most of the employees I busted for one thing or another (they only got rid of the top management), so there's no reason they would have stopped buying fake jerseys since I couldn't bust them for that. I rarely ever mentioned it too since I busted them for so much other stuff just as bad.