Saturday, June 27, 2015


As most of you know I'm very, very sick. Not in the- "I feel like crap now, but I'll be better soon.". But in the- "I've felt as bad an anyone reading this has ever felt and it just keeps gets worse!". I've been legally HOMEBOUND/99% BED-RIDDEN since 2009, and there is absolutely nothing any doctor can do to help me. In fact the way the USELESS FDA Rules stand and keep getting worse for intractable pain patients like myself, they are making life FAR HARDER ON ME (and tens of thousands others) THAN IT NEEDS TO BE!
Yet I still have a fire lit in me to stop as much hobby fraud as I can BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE is doing it right or effectively because they are afraid to lose what little money they are still making off of this hobby. I HAVE NEVER NEEDED TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF THIS HOBBY (because I had professional skills in a few different areas having nothing to do with Sports Cards & Memorabilia), SO THERE NEVER WAS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST WITH ME AS THERE IS WITH NEARLY EVERYONE ELSE! Which I must say sickens me.

I busted a NEW 100% FRAUDULENT Authenticator who started this year (2015) encasing autographs in PSA/DNA like cases.

Here one:
The (look at their website) is completely worthless, useless, and a complete waste of your time because the website is missing EVERYTHING a true authenticator would want to put on t5heir website if they were legitimate. Like their TRUE hobby experience, his site mentions NONE!
If you've already put your trust in this moron like the eBay seller who tried to sell this card above on eBay for over $40.00- you threw your money out the window and now implicated yourself in a fraudulent venture.
HGA (Historical Grading and Authentication) is nothing but a scam. If anyone spend an hour (it took me three hours because of my physical disabilities) looking into this seller, they would have found the exact same things I did:
1) The "authenticator" who told me by e-mail that he "has been an autograph expert since the early 1990's" is only 25-years old right now which he also admitted in another e-mail a few days later. SO HE'S BEEN AN AUTOGRAPH EXPERT SINCE BEFORE HE WAS BORN!!!
2) The "authenticator" lives with his parents (Chris & Candice both in their mid-50's) in Whitehouse, OH. I have the exact address, but he only puts a PO Box on his website (BECAUSE HE IS A CROOK!). 
3) I contacted one of his big eBay sellers and asked a couple of questions. His seller told me Matt Moser (Matthew A Moser to be exact) is the person he had his cards authenticated by, and that he has been using Matt Moser for about two years. Before 2015, he ran Grade My Cards according to his seller (which ironically Moser denied). He also gave me Matt Moser's phone number: the one Moser gave the seller which is a cell phone. Why didn't he give his seller his home address land line (which I have as well) WHERE HE LIVES WITH HIS PARENTS? Because again, he is a CROOK!
As far as I'm concerned: CASE CLOSED with Matthew A Moser & (or Grade My Card). They are all worthless CRIMINAL enterprises just to make money.
I've said this before and I'll say it again; DO RESEARCH ON ANYONE YOU ARE THINKING OF USING. Right now I wouldn't recommend ONE authenticator or Forensic Document Examiner for that matter because there is no licensing required for either, so they people think they can just start a business because there is ABSOLUTELY NO 100% TRUSTWORTHY WATCHDOG IN THIS INDUSTRY.
The only autograph you can trust are established CARD COMPANY On Card Certified Autograph Inserts. If you buy ANYTHING else, you are on your own & there is a 75% chance that you will buy a FORGERY if it is not a CARD COMPANY On Card Certified Autograph Insert which have a 99.99% AUTHENTICITY RATE since 1990!
James McCay aka Cardcop
Forensic Document Examiner since 1999 (only for free).
Hobby fraud investigator since 1992 (only for free).
I have also donated close to 3-MILLION sports cards &
autographs to hospitalized/underprivileged children every
year since 1989.