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2017 UPDATES: eBay ILLEGAL Reprints, eBay Forgeries, New Fake GU Company???+++

                               First 2017 Update

     Sorry for my absence, I have a Facebook Page very similar to this one. It's under James "Cardcop" McCay. I suggest reading that page for never info as it's silly doing both pages. But this page will stay and serve and past educational material THAT BECKETT NEVER PRINTS! 
     There is an entire sports card collecting Generation now who did not have Beckett to be educated from. Beckett removed READER'S WRITE: STUPID! And Beckett removed the one page right before the price guide that had info on HOW TO SPOT FAKES, How To Grade Cards, How to Price Lower Grade Cards, and other educational info especially for newer collectors. THIS SHOWS HOW LITTLE BECKETT CARES ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THIS HOBBY! ALL Beckett Monthly guides are USELESS and are not worth looking at unless you GET THEM FREE!  

     The number of sellers on eBay with worthless ILLEGAL Expensive Vintage Card Reprints all for an average of $5.00 each (w/S&H included) have MULTIPLIED BY A MINIMUM FACTOR OF TEN over just the past six months or so (since I started trying to get all of these sellers BANNED from eBay!). Truth is eBay DOESN'T CARE anymore if people sell any kind of ILLEGAL items as long as they get their seller fees! THEY REFUSE TO REMOVE ANY ILLEGAL CARD AUCTIONS IF A BUYER/SELLER WITH 1,000+ FEEDBACKS AND POWER-SELLER STATUS with ZERO Negative/Neutral feedbacks reports these ILLEGAL card sellers by wasting 30-45 minutes of their own time for the good of the hobby. Then the eBay Specialist will state "You are right, eBay will not tolerate card reprints that are covered by copyright and/or licensing rights and these cards will be removed and the seller will be punished." EVEN THOUGH THEY STATED THIS TO ME (on a legally tape recorded conversation by myself) ABOUT SELLER: 12bettyc5881 TWO FULL MONTHS AGO, eBay has DONE NOTHING AT ALL!!! All of their Vintage Topps card FAKE Reprints (that DO NOT state Reprint anywhere on the cards) are being bought in GREAT NUMBERS by crooked sellers (which proves how many crooked sellers there are in this hobby, which I stated on a message board in 2011 and was given HELL for it!). 

     Just go to eBay and put this exactly in their item SEARCH box as I stated it after the colon: (Reprint,RP) (Michael Jordan,Wayne Gretzky,Carl Yastrzemski,Ted Williams,Mario Lemieux,Gary Carter,Billy Ripken) -  THEN CLICK ON EACH CARD THAT APPEARS TO BE AN ILLEGAL REPRINT OF A VINTAGE CARDS FROM TOPPS OR FLEER, and click "SEE OTHER ITEMS". 
In 90% of these ILLEGAL CARD listings, the sellers are also selling MANY OTHER ILLEGAL REPRINT CARDS which you will clearly see when you see all their current items. Then you can look at their (200) most recent feedback and see how many of them are MORE Illegal Reprints. THEN YOU WILL GET THE IDEA OF HOW MUCH OF A PLAGUE THIS IS IN THE HOBBY AND WILL EVENTUALLY DEVALUE ALL THE ORIGINAL VINTAGE CARDS! Why? Because the crook sellers are now experimenting with "AGING" cards and I saw one seller whose FAKE REPRINT AGED cards looked just as good as ORIGINAL VINTAGE OLD CARDS! Then more and more of these will be sold on eBay and more and more will be sold at Card Shows to novice collectors "cheap" because these novice collectors think they are buying thousand dollar+ cards for a few hundred. THIS COULD VERY EASILY KILL THE VINTAGE CARD HOBBY FOREVER! Why? Because the more these SCUM sellers see that eBay is doing NOTHING to these ILLEGAL card sellers  and the card companies are doing very little and the licensing agencies (MLBPA, MLB Properties, and MLB) and doing little: sellers of these ILLEGAL cards with get better and better at making REPRINTS that are so good, PSA and BGS won't be able top tell the difference either! 

     THIS CAN HAPPEN IN LESS THAN A YEAR IF ALL COLLECTORS AND DEALERS DON'T START BOMBARDING THE CARD COMPANIES (who have licensing rights to the cards being reprinted) like Upper Deck owns the license for Fleer vintage cards like 1986-87 Michael Jordan's first fully licensed basketball cards worth thousands (if real) so you need to contact them: same goes for Reprinted Billy Ripken white-out cards which you see a lot of on eBay. 

Here's a list of (15) BIG ILLEGAL Reprint Sellers all with 99.9% feedback or better and all BIG LONG TIME SELLERS w/thousands of selling feedbacks (this is what happens to dealers when they GO BAD!): 

iamrs1943, vinyllicious0162, jackscollectables2, lady2udiva, mhsmil, 12bettyc5881, mikesmemorabilia2011, ethanator1088, cards311000, mugger63jeff, jrcantu69-2008, loo_kevi, srv93012, kokopelli1305, dechen3 

     It is best to call Topps at their NYC Corporate Headquarters (212)-376-0300 and ask for their Quality Assurance Department regarding FAKE ILLEGAL Vintage Topps cards on eBay. Then give them as many eBay ID's selling MANY different Topps Reprints. Keep in mind that Topps has made their own reprints over the years, but most of them have a Gold foil stamp on the front of those cards. Last time I called Topps QA, I got a woman's voice-mail, so leave a message! If everyone reading this reports FIVE different sellers, eBay will be FORCED by Topps to remove ALL of these ILLEGAL REPRINTS which serve no purpose other than FRAUD!


There are really AWFUL Full Time sports card sellers on eBay these days- mostly thanks to eBay not giving a damn. These are so many eBay BAD dealers like tntnothnj and shackem - they sell DAMAGED cards (with creases!) listed as NM/MT on a REGULAR BASIS (look at their feedback)! Then they try to blame the buyer when you complain. If you leave honest/accurate negative feedback, you should see the whopper responses they leave like shackem says "LEARN TO READ!" on an item he put no picture for which was damaged??? 

They refuse partial refunds (because if the item sold fairly low they'll just pawn it off on someone else DAMAGED and unnoted because MOST BUYERS NEVER COMPLAIN! Why, I'll never understand that! Like when you already promised the card to someone as a gift (like a child) you deserve a fair partial refund (like asking $4.00 for a $15.00 CREASED card that said NM/MT), and eBay is ABSOLUTELY NO HELP. 

But you can file a complaint with PAYPAL when you get a non-listed damaged card and Paypal offers choices of partial refunds you may want! BET MORE BUYERS DIDN'T KNOW THEY DID THIS! Well now you do, but I wouldn't abuse the Paypal policy. Always try to politely work it out with the seller, as soon as the seller gets obnoxious- go for other help. 

Don't strike back against nasty people, that gets you nowhere and may affect your refund. Even for sellers that say "NO REFUNDS" eBay will force a FULL REFUND INCLUDING RETURN SHIPPING for a full refund, but only if the item is the wrong item, damaged or something similar to that.  

Try eBay for help, if that doesn't work: GO TO PAYPAL FOR HELP. Then you also have a last resort. Go to your Credit Card for HELP (if you paid by credit card through Paypal)! You will have to explain the problem in detail to the Credit Card who knows nothing about sports cards, but once you get them to understand; they can reverse partial or full payment to the seller, even eBay sellers. Make sure you tell your Credit Card that eBay doesn't help buyers anymore because all they care about is sellers because they ONLY get fees from sellers!


                                        HITS MEMORABILIA

There a company making "game-used" patch (mostly, some are plain jersey cards too) cards, some are 1/1, some have CUT Topps sticker autographs (which look AWFUL as they are cut crooked???). This company Hits Memorabilia has been making cards for several years and I'm in the middle of investigating them.  None of their cards are licensed by anyone- so they'll NEVER be listed in Beckett even though Beckett lists other cards with NO Licensing like Upper Deck FB and some Panini Baseball (because they pay so much for advertising - are you seeing how CROOKED AND USELESS Beckett is yet?). HITS boxes contain (3) cards for around $100. A GREAT RISK IF YOU ASK ME, even if all the game-used items are authentic! 

MANY are Spring Training items which are NOT "game-used" as the entire hobby decided with Beckett in 2001 and why REAL "game-used" card state on the card backs "Used in an Official Major League game". Anything else is JUNK as far as my very educated opinion goes. I mean, I only caused Pacific Trading Cards to lose all of their baseball licensing just a few months after they got it (after fighting to get all the baseball licensing for DECADES) by putting ALL fake game-used jerseys and bats in 2001 Private Stock. This bankrupted Pacific by 2003-04. I did this all by myself. 

SO DON'T THINK FOR A MOMENT THAT YOU CAN'T FIX THINGS IN THIS HOBBY BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE PERSON! If I listed every positive thing I changed in this hobby from 1992-2004 alone you'd be shocked and it's HUNDREDS of things!

I just can't help myself. I have to SLAM former Tuff Stuff's ON YOUR SIDE writer (they almost replaced him with ME - but then SCD bought out Tuff Stuff and that fell through): T.J. Schwartz. He tried his hardest to try to STOP ME from ever getting started in fighting Corporate hobby fraud online for free. He did at least three articles in Tuff Stuff never naming me, but talking about how I was a VIGILANTE and I'd never accomplish anything, and blah, blah, blah. That FAT, LAZY, GREEDY Card Shop Owner only cared about getting his boxes of freebies from every card company for never saying a negative word about any current card company. Yes, he did a bit of good work, but nothing anyone with a little free time could have EASILY done. He did what was EASY always! I ONLY DID WHAT WAS HARD!!! And I proved him so totally wrong and he never apologized which shows the scum he truly is. 
Stick to ON CARD Certified Autograph Inserts (CAI's) from BIG well-known card companies like: Topps, Upper Deck, older Fleer (pre-2004), older Playoff (pre-2001 other than 2001 Donruss baseball that are all ON CARD), older Donruss (pre-2002), older Score (pre-2002), older Pinnacle: whose autographs are 99.99% AUTHENTIC.

I came up with this number because out of the tens of THOUSANDS of different players or celebrity Certified Autograph Inserts made over the decades (since 1990) only FOUR have more than half of that player's autographs signed by someone other than themselves. These are the ones I caught: 1995 Press Pass VIP Nascar common driver, 1997 UD Legends Football Donnie Shell. And there are only two others: 1994 Signature Rookies ERRICT RHETT (that they offered replacements for) and one other that I can't think of right this moment.

There are isolated incidents where players kept a stack of (100) or so of cards they were supposed to sign, but never did and gave away to friends. Some of these found their way into the hobby and CROOKED dealers or collectors attempted to sign these cards themselves. But knowing that the minimum most players sign for any card set is 2,000-5,000 cards, 100 is a small amount. I was HOPING that when Beckett made BECKETT AUTOGRAPHS Yearly books they add all this info to their books and they added NOTHING INFORMATIONAL that isn't in all their other price guides. I HAD BEEN PUSHING BECKETT TO MAKE A BECKETT AUTOGRAPHS BOOK SINCE 2000, AND EACH YEAR I ADDED MORE SUGGESTIONS! They finally made one in 2013 and the LAST ONE in 2014 (which were originally $69.99 and were $20 each with FREE S&H three years later!) and neither have ONE of my suggestions like: Ink color variations, marking ON CARD autographs as OC, noting major changes in autograph quality with some players, RARE known inscription cards, etc. Plus there are so many Certified Autograph Insert interesting stories they should have told in those books but told NONE???    

I'll add more to this post as I'm able... 

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